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Job Search With the Human Touch - 30 Jul 2017 10:04

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Between Facebook, Twitter, email and cell phones, today's world is more interconnected than ever before. People spend hours communicating through one technology or another, all the while hiding behind a screen.

However, even with all this communication, there is something missing - human contact.

When starting off on a job hunt, having a person to speak with directly can be extremely important. People remember faces, they tend to forget screen names. Therefore, learning how to make and keep that all important face-to-face contact should be high on every job searchers to-do list. While certainly not an exhaustive list, here are three sure-fire ways to get the ball rolling.

Be a joiner

There is a reason so many successful people belong to the Rotary Club or the local Lodge; these are prime targets for networking and job hunting. Joining a local community organization allows one to rub elbows with many potential employers and contacts. Many of these organizations are hungry for new members and would be glad to speak about their membership, works, and overall philosophy.

Do some homework first and research which groups or volunteer organizations will offer both a meaningful experience and the best chances of making a positive impression on colleagues. The sign-up and get networking.

Don't let them forget you

After a formal interview, or a more informal sit down with a potential employer, be sure to follow up with a letter. The purpose of the letter is to both thank he or she for taking time out of their schedule, but also to reinforce who the job searcher is and some of what he or she can offer.

Think of it as being a gentle pest. While stalking someone is not a good idea, some persistence can pay off. A thank you letter should be a memory aid: Refresh their memory. Next, reintroduce yourself and what you applied for. Don't assume because you remember them, that they remember you. Gently remind them of the credentials you showcased during your interview.

Ask for help

Everyone has friends and acquaintances who would be able and willing to help out. Don't be shy. Ask them for a reference or recommendation. There is nothing wrong with starting up a conversation by bringing up a mutual friend. Sometimes that is all it takes to break the ice and start up what could be the conversation that leads to a job interview.

Any one of these strategies could lean to a new contact, friend, interview or dream job. While making a human connection can take a little more effort than shooting off an email to a potential employer, the pay off could be well worth it. - Comments: 0

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